Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier has been in owner Ron Spinney's family since the late 1930's when his great uncle, lobsterman Herb Witham built the pier to stack traps and sell gas and oil to local fisherman. When Witham's son-in-law George Spinney returned home from the war, he noticed some locals were asking if they'd cook Herb's lobster for them on the pier. He installed boilers in the shack and tanks on the pier, and soon after customers were asking if they could eat the lobster there as well. George laid out a few picnic tables, and what became know as Herb Witham's Lobster Pier was born. 

Eventually Herb passed the business onto George, who over the years added more and more tables, as the pier began to develop a reputation as a premier destination to enjoy fresh lobster along the Seacoast. Guests began to bring tablecloths, picnic baskets full of beer, wine and their own homemade side dishes, and sometimes even their own lighting to add to the experience. George's wife Claire added her homemade lobster rolls to the menu, and as their reputation grew so did their customers, making visits an annual tradition among families and friends. 

In 1984 George handed over the pier to his son Ron, who expanded the dining area and the business, officially naming it Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier. 

Today, under Ron's guidance and nearly 70 years later, accompanied by old and new friends alike the Spinney family is still serving up their delicious lobsters at one of the most memorable and picturesque dining destinations in Maine.